There are various finishing options available for our hinges. Most hinges are manufactured to stock and displayed in our webshop with a standard finishing option preferred by the majority of customers. This standard finishing option is most often the cheapest one.

It is possible to order any finishing option even for small batches of products, but it is possible that the customer would have to wait for the next time the hinge is manufactured. Otherwise requests to change the finishing do not increase the production time considerably.


We offer the following finishing options:


Galvanization + varnishing

Chromium plating (Cr)

Antique bronze

Gilding (Cu)

Silver plating (Ag)

Brass plating

Copper plating

Yellow passivation

Green passivation

Zn + black passivation

Zn + black passivation + varnishing


Zinc flake coating

SST – sandblasting

SST – milling

SST – electropolishing

SST – hand polishing

Powder coating (according to colour chart)

Wet paint (according to colour chart)


Please ask for more information on finishing options and their corrosion resistance by e-mail or by telephone: +358 400 772 118