Hinges for various applications

The hinges are manufactured at our factory in Tampere, Finland.

An experienced hinge manufacturer, we offer our customers a wide variety of made-to-order products. Our small size and efficient operations allow for short delivery times. Hole placement, plate strength and finishing can be changed according to your needs. We offer you the experience of several decades combined with modern know-how. Most of our hinges are equipped with bearings designed to carry vertical and/or horizontal loads. If you can not find a suitable hinge from our webshop, contact us to discuss the options for your application.

In June 2014, Tampereen Erikoissarana Ltd was granted permission to use the Key Flag symbol as a mark that the products are manufactured in Finland.


The handedness of the hinge is important. To determine the handedness, stand in front of the door so that it opens towards you. If the hinge is on the right side, it is right-handed (OK or R). A hinge that is on the left side is left-handed (VK or L).

Non-handed hinges

A non-handed hinge can be installed on either side of the door.

Adjusting the spring

In some spring-loaded hinges, the spring tension can be adjusted. The picture below shows the direction in which the spring is wound in one of the hinge types. The correct direction for each of the adjustable models is shown in the data card.

Hinges with bearing

These hinges have a separate part that works as a bearing. The bearing increases durability and ensures that the hinge runs smoothly. There exists a variety of bearing options, such as a copper sliding bearing or different ball or needle bearings. The factory’s own double bearing (needle and thrust bearing) is used mostly in special hinges for heavy doors. These hinges carry a big load while ensuring a smooth, precise and light operation of the door or gate. Make sure to check the most important details about the hinge in its data card.

Spring-loaded hinge

A spring-loaded hinge closes the door without the aid of other mechanisms. These hinges, originally designed for fire doors, can be used in various applications in which the door or the shutter is required to close or open automatically. Sometimes, spring tension can be adjusted after the installation. In some spring hinges, the spring tension is adjusted and fixed at the factory during the assembly. Certain spring-loaded hinges permit the door to be lifted after the installation. The most important technical information about each of the hinges is given in the data card.

Pin hinge

This category includes both welded and big rolled pin hinges. The hinge pin can be either non-removable or removable.

Heavy door hinge

As a rule, heavy door hinges are hinges with bearings that can carry even very heavy loads. They are usually welded to the door/gate and frame to ensure a strong and reliable connection.

Piano hinge

We offer various kinds of piano hinges made of steel, stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. The finishing options are sandblasting, electrogalvanization, powder coating, black powder coating, brass plating, copper plating, antique bronze and gilding. We can cut the hinge the length that you need and make holes on order.

The hinges that we produce at our factory are maximum 2500 mm long. On order, we would be happy to adjust the length and width and make, additional bends, holes and countersinks.

A piano hinge is measured according to the picture below: the width in the open position (A) x the thickness of the plate (B) x and the diameter of the surface (C) mm.

The most common piano hinge sizes are:

25 x 0,7 x 1,75 mm
32 x 0,8 x 1,75 mm
32 x 1,5 x 3 mm
40 x 1,5 x 3 mm
50 x 1,5 x 3 mm
50 x 1,5 x 6 mm
60 x 2 x 6 mm
80 x 2 x 6 mm
100 x 3 x 10 mm

Traditional hinge

This category includes decorative hinges and old hinge models that may be needed for repair works. If you can not find the hinge that you need, contact us by e-mail.

Rolled pin hinge

This category includes rolled pin hinges and small pin hinges. The hinge pin can be either non-removable or removable.